General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions from transfer4me KG for the work as a disclosed agent (and for the procurement) of transfer services. Valid from 01/2013

Our registered office is transfer4me KG, Rennweg 79-81 / Top 302, 1030 Wien. Our company
number is FN 300921g.
The following terms regulate the contractual relationship between YOU (customer /service recipient) ,transfer4me (the agent) and the supplier (as the mere service provider).

Please read the terms and conditions carefully as they contain informations about your and our rights and obligations resulting from a contract to which we will both be legally bound after you booked.

The general terms and conditions are also valid when you access our website from out of Austria as well as when you drive outside of Austria and regardless of your nationality.

1) Agent:
transfer4me acts as a disclosed agent for a third party transfer supplier. The contractual relationship with you terminates after the selection of the supplier (in all conscience) , the correct booking, transmission, organisation, encashment, payment to the supplier and the issue of your booking confirmation through transfer4me.

The supply of the ordered services as such (transfer) is not part of the obligation of transfer4me but of the local supplier with which you enter in a contractual relationship for the transfer as such. This includes that transfer4me is not responsible for instance (but not exclusively) for the route the driver chooses to take to a location, if the driver takes a motorway, a side street, a mountain pass or the speed he is driving in, nor how many breakes he has to take or anything else of this kind. The driver is fully responsible for the route and timing and can choose it himself.

The duties of transfer4me regarding the supplier are as following:
1) The selection of the supplier (in all conscience)
2) the transmission of the data of the booking
3) Issue of the confirmation
4) handling of the payment
5) the analysis of the obtained experiences and changes or improvement that has to be done if necessary

The general terms and conditions cover all transfers that are booked over the transfer4me website. The general terms and conditions can be changed sometimes, so it is of your own interest to have a look at it each time you are booking.

If you are booking online the services the supplier provides are for private domestic use only. The credit card voucher and the booking confirmation therefore act as an accounting voucher. All prices include the local taxes at the day of the booking and are not displayed seperately.

When you book you agree to the following contracts:

1) A contract with transfer4me for the placement of the order and for the payment.
2) A contract with the supplier directly who is liable for the transfer as such and all issues that arise with it.

Due to the kind of service („taxi“ “transfers“ there are no written general terms and conditions for each country), but transfer4me agrees with all suppliers to the general terms for the austrian taxi and chauffeur service trade)! (W140-040 - Wiener Taxi-, Mietwagen- und Gästewagen) and their additional laws in each of the countries. All other legal rights are covered through the AGBG

If you do not agree to the general terms and conditions we are sorry but we will not be able to book a service for you.

2) Booking/conclusion of contract:

The booking can be made by you via our website, per mail or telephone, but it has to result in a payment before the actual transfer. We accept credit card bookings as well as bank transfers which are subject to agreement.
The payment has to arrive in advance of the departure date otherwise transfer4me is entitled to refuse the transfer booking. Different agreements can be made but have to be done in writing.

The transfer4me website offers you transfer bookings in several european countries. For detailled information to the services contact our website or contact our service personell per mail under

Please note that you have to be over 18 years old to place a booking on our website due to the payment conditions.

transfer4me is entitled to refuse any booking on behalf of the supplier. In this very unlikely event we would advise you of the changes by mail and also per telephone latest 24 hours before start of the transfer. We will also try to advise alternatives.
It is therefore in your own interest to display valid contact information at all times.

Please also read the additional information on your confirmation as they can be different from destination to destination.

All bookings have to be placed at least 48 hours before your departure. Bookings later than that have to be made by phone under +43 676 7936 196  or email :

Reservations and confirmations are only valid for the category that the client has booked not for a certain car model except if agreed seperately per mail or if luxury category where a certain car model is agreed.

The form of service results from the confirmation. transfer4me is entitled to changes as far as the basic service is still provided (transfer). The changes can for instance be that the transport of the  passengers is done with two cars instead of one minivan aso.

The stated category and price on the website is valid only for the bookable number of luggage and people. Transfer4me and the supplier are entitled to refuse additional luggage or people or charge an additional amount for that. If another transfer has to be booked due to additional luggage that doesnt fit into the booked vehicle it has to be paid by the client.

The transfer rate includes the transport of passengers with normal luggage (see detailled informations about sizes as airlines usually regulate it) IN EUROPE

Special size luggage like skis, golfbags, cycles aso. have to be cleared through transfer4me prior to booking! Should you fail to inform us prior to booking of any additional luggage we will charge you any additional costs that should arise of transporting these items.

The client has to carry the confirmation at all times during the journey and has to present it if asked to do so.

3) Rights of the supplier
The supplier is entitled to refuse the transport of unannounced luggage, pets, additional persons, as well as of dangerous items or passengers that can endanger the transfer like drunk or aggressive people.

The price of the transfer is not refundable in these cases. The supplier is entitled to work also with suppliers in this case but he has to make sure that all his guidelines are also valid for the supplier.

It is in the clients own interest to make completely sure what he would like to transport.  

The supplier is entitled to charge additional waiting time, additional stops or additional luggage in case the client has caused these.

4) Duties of the clients
The correct informations of the booking through the customer are the basis of the booking and the validity of the contract as well as the correct handling of the transfer. It is therefore extremely important that the client presents these informations in time. Important informations are especially:

1)Pick up address, flight details, arrival and departure infos (changes have to be addressed to t4m immediately)
2) luggage and passenger specifications
3) if the local supplier recommends another pick up time due to experience with traffic , snow aso. the customer has to agree, otherwise we take no responsability for this transfer.
4) telephone and email has always got to be reachable
5) to inform transfer4me immediately of all arising problems by phone (+43676 7936 196) or email:

the liability of transfer4me ends in trying to reach the customer per phone and email if a problem arises.
transfer4me is not obliged to check the customers details for completeness, correctness or understandability. Transfer4me is not liable for a transfer that could not be executed due to mistakes in customer information (such as but not restricted to :wrong date, wrong time, wrong flight aso.) See also ABGB §1168

Any insufficiencies of the supplier has got to be reported to transfer4me immediately to give them the possibility to solve the problem. If the client does not report the problem transfer4me is not liable for any costs that arise for the client through an alternative transfer or any other costs.

5) Contract/Confirmation
By filling out a booking in the online portal the client mandates transfer4me to deal with the booking. When receiving the confirmation both parties are bound to the booking. The fact that transfer4me does not react to the booking does not result in a confirmation. In case you don´t receive a confirmation (after maximum half a day) please report that immediately to transfer4me. 
If transfer4me does not receive AND CONFIRM any changes of the clients –which are made after the booking- the original data on the confirmation is considered to be correct and valid.

6) Payment/rate

The rate has to be paid depending on agreement, but when booking online the payment has to be done immediately via credit card or paypal.
the rates are inclusive of all taxes at the time of the booking

Clients have to undertake everything to ensure that the credit card has no limit. transfer4me is entitled to refuse a booking because of credit card problems. Clients have always got to use their own credit cards or credit cards they are entitled to use (for instance company) and insure that it can be charged with the booked amount.

If paypal or credit card costs should arise due to problems with the chargement of the credit card, the client can be charged with the arising costs.

IN NO CASE suppliers or drivers are entitled to take money from clients directly or change bookings or order other transfers except of agreed with transfer4me beforehand.
Transfer4me is not liable for direct agreements between the client and the supplier (change of timings, destinations aso) if not agreed in writing with transfer4me. We will neither be monitoring those agreements or changes nor will we be there to help. 

The stated rates are correct except of mistakes. In case a mistake occurs transfer4me will notice you within 24 hours after booking and you will have the opportunity to cancel or take the right price.

When transfer4me gets money via the paypal system it deals only on behalf of the supplier.

7) reasons for cancelling the contract
Force majeur:
this means that we will not refund the client any money (less than 24 hours in advance)  if the transfer is cancelled because of unforseeable circumstances. These could be but is not restricted to war, accidents, demonstrations, terrorist attacks riots, weather or avalanche, snow situation, pass closures aso.)

No-show of the client:
No show means that the client is not at the agreed meeting point or doesn´t arrive of whichever reason and transfer4me has not been informed prior or not in time to stop the transfer. I.e. when the driver has already left the garage. In this case the client will be charged the full transfer amount.  

No show of the supplier:
If the supplier is not a the agreed meeting point the client has to call the transfer4me emergency number +43 676 7936 196 IMMEDIATELY!
We agree that 15 minutes waiting time for a home pick ups and 30 minutes for airport pick ups are a reasonable time for the client and the supplier to wait. In case transfer4me is not contacted through the client we consider the transfer to be carried out correctly and it has to be paid.  

If, in case of problems, transfer4me was not able to find alternative transportation, the client can bill the supplier with the alternative transport which has to be reasonable. (If the client has booked a tourist class transfer with us he is not entitled to invoice a limousine transfer) In any case transfer4me HAS TO BE CONTACTED!

8) Cancellation
All parties (transfer4me, supplier and client) can cancel the contract at any time up to 24 hours before departure.  

For the client there are the following cancellation fees arising:
48 hours – 24 hours and 1 minute = 50 % of the transfer rate has to be paid
24 hours or less prior to departure : full transfer price will be charged
different agreements can be negotiated but have to be done in writing 

9) Data protection  
All data of our customers are only used to provide a smooth handling of the transfer so they will only be used by our suppliers and their suppliers. The data is not open to anyone else. Neither transfer4me nor the supplier is able to see any credit card details- this is handled through paypal only.

10) Liability
As transfer4me acts as an agent we are not liable for any of the following- this will be the direct liability of the supplier and his insurance.

1) death, injury or illnes of any transported person, third parties or consequent losses, additional cost aso.
We promise that all our services will be performed with the best care and skill.
As far as the duties of the suppliers are concerned – they are liable to the local law for transfer companies.

11) booking mistakes and customer service
If you encounter any problems you have to call transfer4me IMMEDIATELY, so that we can find a solution for it.

transfer4me is there for you from 0 to 24 hours under tel: +43 676 7936 196

LEGAL INFORMATION: If any problem with the transport arises due to following actions:
* Client didn`t call us to report a problem or delay maximum 30 Minutes after the plane has landed
* Client was not reachable at arrival because he stated the wrong phone number in the booking or the phone was switched off.
* Client didn´t report having missed the plane or major delays
We are not able to help nor will the client be entitled to any help or refund later.

This is according to our terms and conditions.