Bettina Mannsbart
Owner and founder





”A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” (Henry Ford)


It´s our vision to be a role model  for the functioning collaboration between different races and mentalities worldwide.

We would like to show that working together based on mutual understanding, tolerance and social adjustment can be as well profitable as precious for everyone.

The clients and partners of transfer4me and also their clients are spread all over the globe and due to cultural and mentality differences the essential requirements for transfer4me are varying.

Often transfer4me acts only as a mentor and connector to fulfill the wishes of clients and partners.

The challenge is to continue learning as well professionally as socially to find always again the best service for our clients. We are dedicated to show that a respectful way of dealing with each other will be more successful than any adhesion contract or threat.

The reward for all our efforts are regular, satisfied customers and longtime partners all around the world that have through the years become also personal friends.

2007 founding of transfer4me

transfer4me was founded by Bettina Mannsbart who held management positions in companies such as General Electric, Avis, IKEA, the Intercontinental group and many more.

She also lived and worked in Italy and the UK and speaks german, english, italian, french and spanish.

In her time between jobs she worked as a limousine driver. She learned quickly to combine her knowledge of world class management with her passion for driving and serving people and as the limousine business already fascinated her, she decided to found her own company.

The idea of organising corporate transfers in all over Europe fascinated her and she found out that being Austrian, from a small country, used to dealing with different countries and mentalities, is the perfect preparation for that business.

What one actually needs to cope with the different expectations of clients and partners all around the world is the ability to find motivated, competent, and reliable partners that deal with clients wishes because they like this sort of work and not because you force them to do it.

She learned quickly that the evaluation of these special partners is only possible by getting to know them personally at the spot. So she travelled through Europe for 2 years to get to know the local conditions at the airports and watch potential partners working.

2010 transfer4me offered transfers in nearly all european capitals and business relevant cities for all group sizes

It was an incredible success- transfer4me me grew and was handling around 100 congress groups a year in Europe. So our corporate clients also asked us to organise their transfers in the US and the rest of the world. Transfer4me travelled again and

By 2011 we were offering transfers for all groups sizes in the USA nationwide.

We are strongly focussing on offering new destinations according to the wishes of our clients.

We have lately established new cooperations with partners in
Dubai, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Colombo, Casablanca, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sao Paulo, etc.

Last year we were also able to win some well known travel agency accounts (American Express in Austria)and we are also working on touristic travel and transfers for cruise ships and city trips. The new tourist destinations are Mallorca, Cyprus, Malta, Sardinia, Greece and some destinations in Turkey.

Since 2012 transfer4me is successfully dealing with over 350 partners in about 50 countries for black car, corporate, minibus, coach and boat transfers. We handle transfers for around 300 groups a year worldwide.

2014: transfer4me implements the latest american reservation and booking technology in order to make booking and controlling easy and transparent. New coporate business accounts with multiple city rides and interesting destinations let transfer4me grow once again.

2015: By moving to a new office we now got the space to widen our offer and create new business ideas.

2016: European Buslicence and purchase of an own 19 seater LUXURY MINIBUS.

Since 2016 we are also targeting the austrian incoming market , by offering our own luxury 19 seater Minibus. This offer attracts mainly incoming agencies and event organisers but as well the business group travellers that expect a certain amount of luxury.

Together with our european licencing as travel agent, limousine company and coachcompany, transfer4me can suit all your ground transportation needs worldwide and is now also even stronger in the austrian market.